2.C.2.B: Contemporary Game Assignment

Bandit Six

  • What were the game’s apparent design goals?

The games apparent design goals were to provide a simple 3d game made in unity that would run on mobile platforms such as phones and tablets. The only limitation is it is set up to play with a pair of VR goggles and this severely limits the ability to play because you cannot touch the screen which is what you have to do to shoot, a basic mechanic.

  • What were the mechanics?

The mechanics that made this game playable where the orientation of the device and tap and holding to fire. These were the very basic mechanics that made it a game. The more detailed mechanics are over heating and health. These mechanics contribute the gameplay that allow you to shoot down enemy planes that are trying to shoot you down. As you play higher levels the game gets harder especially without VR goggles which are the only way to play the game.

  • What kinds of interesting decisions (and uninteresting ones) were you making throughout the game?

This game didn’t have many decisions besides upgrades and all of the upgrades didn’t appear to make much of a difference which is why i found it very lack luster in terms of decision making.

1. Provide a detailed overview of the object of the game.

There is only one objective in this game and that is to shoot the specific types of planes down before you yourself are shot down this is a very simple objective and left me very uninterested for the majority of playing the game.

2. List 3 or more things you like about the game. Why?

  • VR Compatible- I like the idea of them trying to make a break through in VR games on mobile devices and it ran quite smoothly even though the concept fell flat pretty fast in practice.
  • Simplistic Controls- The controls were very easy and simple no tutorial needed although they did kindly provide one and it also gives some very detailed explanations.
  • Easy Objectives- Although they were very easy and simple I found they were easy to complete and that made it just a little enjoyable because I was able to still play it.

3. List 3 or more things you do not like about the game. Why?

  • Strict VR format- This game splits the screen down the middle and displays the same screen on both sides. This is done so it is in a VR format, but it does not work for those who do not own this type of hardware and its unforgiving and doesn’t allow you to play due to inaccurate fire.
  • Simple Gameplay- It lacks a lot of objectives and it gets very stale very fast. So fast that it seemed like I was hardly having fun for 5 minutes after that it was very boring and I struggled to play.
  • Limited gameplay- It doesn’t offer much difference in gameplay.

List 3 or more reasons why you think the game you are reviewing is successful.

This game is moderately unsuccessful and here is why it is able to actually function.

  • Graphics- The graphics maintain a very simple yet clear visual and I can see what i’m doing the whole time. I don’t have to worry about stutters or frame rate drops because they graphics aren’t straining on my device.
  • Gameplay- Gameplay is achieved without any bumps or hiccups even though it doesn’t deliver an enjoyable experience.
  • Good concept- The concept of this game is a good one and it is mainly what drew me towards playing it but I did not think the execution of it was very good which is why this game is  flop in my opinion. It doesn’t deliver on the concept promised which is why I feel this was taking advantage of the player.

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